Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making a Church doll

During the Civil War (and at other times when supplies were scarce), dolls were made from handkerchiefs for little girls. These "handkerchief dolls" were carried to church and did not make noise if they were dropped. Some mothers would put sugar cubes or candy in the head of the handkerchief doll for a youngster to suck on to keep the child quiet during the long church service. Other names for the handkerchief doll are: "church doll," "church babies," "pew doll," "pew babies," and "prayer doll.

easy to make

You will need  One handkerchief or table napkin, or scrap of fabric

 Some wadding, or recycled scraps of fabric

making the head is as easy as 1,2,3

Tie the head, I use a rubber band but you can use string, cotton, etc

make the arms by tying the fabric near the neck or if you want hands tie near the outer edge

 I like to fold my dolls arms so I tie the ends so I can make it look like my doll has hands

Your doll is now ready to add things such as a bonnet from lace, ribbon or as you can see I am using feathers lol

I like to make a skirt for my dolls so I add old doilies, scraps of fabric, lace or even another handkerchief or serviette (napkin) and stitch it to the under arms of my doll before I decorate her

I fold my dolls arms and stitch the hands together I also put ribbon around the neck

Now decorate and enjoy your church doll

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