Wednesday, August 20, 2014

sock wrist warmers

Transform socks into warmers 


This is a simple tutorial how to transform socks into wrist-warmers.

You need a pair of socks.
Cut off the toes part.

 Turn the sock with the heel part upwards.
Gather the part where the heel is, pin it and hand stitch it.


 Add a decorative button.



Add some lace or ribbon.
This is important.
You have to insert a tailor's ham inside before you stitch the lace.
If you don't have a tailor's ham insert another pair of socks or a small pillow.
Something that will expand the sock. Then (hand) stitch the lace.
Or use  large plastic drink bottle
 Your new, fabulous wrist warmers.
Thanks to Tiny Treasures for the photos and tutorial


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